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TD Bank

Bank Human

What do you do with a bank that puts people first? Talk about it.

TD Bank is different than other banks. With a philosophy of putting customers first with unexpected conveniences like 24/7 live customer service, free coin-counting, and longer hours than any other bank, TD Bank truly offers a differentiating banking experience. We believed TD Bank was in a prime position to break the cold, automated, and inhuman stereotype that the banking industry had been long been known for. And research showed us that consumers were longing for a little more human touch in their high-tech lives. So the timing was right to launch the “Bank Human Again” campaign. This fully integrated campaign included TV, radio, out-of-home, print, digital, and social. “Bank Human Again” became much more than a tagline. It became a rallying cry for customers and a mantra for associates and executives at the Bank.

Rope Line :30 TV

Pens :30 TV

Penny Arcade :30 TV

Debit Card :30 TV
Ham :60 Radio
Small Business Checking :60 Radio